Monday, February 16, 2015

AKB48's new single has same name as favorite brewery, piques interest.

You're welcome for the free advertising, guys.

No, seriously.

That is literally the only reason I listened to the preview. Because I love Hop Head Red and want to have its wonderful, hoppy, caramelly babies.



Zoidberg damn it all.


I actually liked it.

There's cute idoly rap. There's great (no, really. Guhdam.) acting. There's Ikoma Rina. There's me wondering when Yukirin will graduate already. There's more Ikoma Rina.

It remains to be seen whether this will be the first thing in almost 2.5 years that will actually make me consistently care about something in the 48s again (besides NGZ and Yamamoto Sayaka's eternal loveliness), but I really like how this is sounding. For the 48s, this is probably the most innovative A-side I've ever heard from them.

I lost interest in the 48s because of all the crazy politics and tragic incidents and boring-ass music. Being even a casual fan just got too emotionally taxing for my delicate self. Anyway, who knows. Maybe I'll watch them again.

Probably mostly HKT, though. Can't get enough of dat Meru...and dat Haruppi.


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