Sunday, December 4, 2016

13th gen wants post: an interim post while I stop being a wimp and really get my $%!* together

So can you all believe that it's only 8 days until we get to meet the 13th generation of Morning Musume?

*glances over at the elephant in the room*

Me neither. 12th gen did pretty much nothing for me (as much as I love Miki and Akane), and I feel like the girls have gotten really lazy since the middle of last year. Like, pretty hardcore.

*elephant taps me on shoulder*

I am about zero point zero percent interested in MM'16 right now, not gonna lie (The Factories and ANGERME are my babies atm). But I am incredibly excited for this generation because it might serve as motivation. That and there are some pretty great girls in KSS right now.

So because it is fun to speculate on who is going to get in, we're gonna do that today! For 13th gen, a lof of fans do 100% not want a solo gen, including myself, and based on Harunan and Sakura's blogs, it probably won't be! (Assuming they're not just toying with us...) A lot of us also don't want a 4-nin gen either, because come on. Ideally, I'm hoping for a 2 or 3-nin generation, but in the end I actually picked 4

There are three big things I hope for out of this generation:
1) Extreme coolness vibes,
2) Fierce challengers to the status quo,
3) Hard workers. Like, would make you cry hard workers.

MM really needs some girls with aggressive and unique stage presences right now, but above all, these girls need to have the range. They must be hard workers at least, but a couple of uber-talents would also not be bad. I just spent a few hours hunting down and going through all the KSS footage I could find over the last couple of years. I know there are a lot of you out there who can Japanese better than I can, but I'm already working on 5,000 projects right now and I just don't wanna be bothered to ask :)

All of the girls I picked are girls I think would either have a badass kind of presence or otherwise challenge the current lineup in some way. There are actually quite few that I would be happy with, but there are also some who I desperately want to get in. So here's my top picks!

Inoue Hikaru, 16, Mie (Silver)

Hikaru is my current favorite KSS. But that's not why I want to see her in MM. I want to see her get in because she has consistently busted her ass in performances every year since she joined, and she has won awards two years in a row for said ass-bustery. My personal theory is that she is now the kind of person who may motivate certain Ogata Harunas we all know and love into being better members. While Oharu has coasted by on her looks, Hikaru (by several sorts of dumb metrics conjured by whoever whatever) can't necessarily do that. But this girl is no coaster. If she doesn't debut here, I would love to see her in a trio with Icchan and Kaede. Hell, I almost want that more. But....

Maeda Kokoro, 14, Saitama (Sayu's pink)

Kokoro has a bright stage presence, and there is something about the sharpness of her movements that makes her all the more interesting to me (being a black belt probably helps). Plus, her rival Mizuho is about to debut in Tsubaki Factory, and I think she could use some motivation too. So there's that :P Out of all of my picks, Kokoro definitely is the most Konkon-esque ingenue-y of all of them, but honestly, she's already arguably stronger than Oharu and likely Akane on stage.

Takase Kurumi, 17, Tochigi (Red)

I have to have this girl in MM right now. She has that evil glint in her eye that makes me hope she'll be a sharp-tongued character someday, but also she kinda looks a little like Riho. I like her truly aggressive, almost scary presence on stage, and can't help but wonder how she'd fit with Ayumi. Seriously, I will be tres bummed if she doesn't get in.

Kitagawa Ryo, 12, Hokkaido (Gold)

Haha, yeah in my wildest dreams will a Hokkaido KSS get in, but I can dream. Ryo is so unique in looks and charm, and out of all the Hokkaido girls, I thought she and Mei had the most immediately noticeable strong presences on stage. Mei is too young right now, but Ryo is just about right. Her voice is strong, she is a strong dancer, and she has a badass look about her that I think MM is sorely lacking right now. Please just kidnap her and turn her into a Tokyo girl already.

Honorable mentions:

Kiyono Momohime: I dare you to try and hate this adorable floof. Hey, I did, and I fell in love with her instead. To tell the truth, I want both her and Kirara in Country Girls or some pint-sized, too-sweet for words unit instead. But if Momohime gets in, you bet she is going to be a threat to the current lineup in every possible way. She's just not the kakkoii girl I need right now

Danbara Ruru: To be honest, I have always been lukewarm on Ruru aside from her vocal talent. She's very potato-y in a lot of ways. However, her vocals are better than most of Hello! Project right now, so if she gets in and shakes things up, I will not be mad.

Kawamura Ayano: Like many of the current KSS, she is a former idol. And she also has that grit to her presence that I like very much. However, I like my other picks better and I didn't wanna pick 5....yeah that's literally the only reason I didn't pick her in the top.

Ishiguri Kanami: If the Hokkaidettes are in the running, I would love to see my personal favorite, Kanami, make the cut. I'm usually a fan of personalities above anything else, and Kanami was the standout in that area when they were introduced this year. MM has no shortage of awesome personality right now, but Kanami is a certain kind of outgoing that they haven't had since freaking Mari, IMO.

As for the long-sufferers, Ichioka Reina and Kaga Kaede (especially Kaede), while I would not mind seeing them either, I just do not see either of them as being what MM needs. Sadly, if they do not debut soon, I think they've got a year tops left in KSS. I love them both dearly. But for some reason, UFA doesn't seem to, and that's the way the shit cookie crumbles sometimes. (Tanapyon/Kurumin/Rie fans, I feel ya).

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