About Me!

Just in case you wanted to know the answers to a bunch of random questions :P

Your evil overlord got bored while waiting for her boyfriend at DIA.

I have a BA and MA in gender studies and religious studies, and I am now applying for my PhD. Avid green tea/coffee enthusiast.  Want a bribe idea?  Genmaicha should do the trick!

I'm kind of a schizophrenic writer--I will be supremely nice one minute and be making horrible comments about someone's mother the next.  That's what ya get here :P

Name: Mara

Age: 29 Earth standard years

Current Location: USA

Blood type: Chemical X

Astrology: Gemini/Rabbit

Height: 179 cm

Skills: Music, daydreaming, bear wrestling, cat wrangling, writing/teaching, reading esoteric religious texts no one really cares about :P

Hobbies: J-pop, video games, writing, pen and paper gaming (I'm your worst nightmare as a GM), bento, tattoos, making terrible watercolor paintings, dancing like a chicken with its leg cut off, being sarcastic.

Motto: A really long Dune quote.  You know the one.

Irrational neuroses: The sound of styrofoam, old and uncoated paper clips, and certain words in the dictionary.

Favorite food: Pho, salmon and mackerel sushi, asparagus!

Least Favorite Food: Okra, meatballs (because meatballs are CREEPY, guys.)

Describe yourself with 3 words: Offensive, perky, sharp.

Favorite words: Goggles, Constantinople, Bill Murray.

Favorite colors: Pink, red, orange, lime green

Favorite movie: Lost in Translation, Babel, Memoirs of a Geisha, Hugo, Cloud Atlas, הכוכבים של שלומי (Shlomi's Stars--ridiculously cute Israeli movie)

Favorite anime: Ghost in the Shell.

Favorite books: The Kushiel series, The Dresden Files, Snow Crash, The Windup Girl, anything by Haruki Murakami

Favorite videogames: Xenosaga, Mass Effect (ALL OF THEM), Skyrim, Fallout, Half Life, Portal, Spore, Mirror's Edge (yes, the story sucked didn't exist but the game is stonking awesome fun), Assassin's Creed Revelations/Rogue, Soul Calibur 2 and 3, Golden Sun, FF 7,8 and FF Legend 1 and 2, Dead Space.

What I'm up to: Relentless feministing, video games, web stalking the voice cast of Mass Effect, and j-popping!  And grad school.  Yeah, all of that.

Stuff I'm fond of that I probably shouldn't be: Swearing loudly in public, one too many beers, rolling my eyes.

Favorite feminist role model: Marjane Satrapi/Anat Hoffman

Secretly wishes she were: Jessica Rabbit or Commander Shepard.

Favorite H!P group: ANGERME/Kobushi Factory

Favorite other j-music groups and soloists: Ieiri Leo, alan, BRIGHT, Perfume, Plastic Tree, Sweet Vacation, capsule, Amano Tsukiko, GACKT, LOVE LOVE LOVE, Yuki Kajiura, Bahashishi, moumoon, SweetS, Aural Vampire, exist†trace, Nishino Kana, Mitsuda Yasunori, sakanaction, The Aprils, mouse on the keys, LITE, Wagakki Band, Tokyo Health Club, YOSA.

Favorite k-pops: Brown Eyed Girls, f(x), KARA, PRIDE BAND, 4minute, Super Junior, BoA, Lee Jung Hyun, Coed School, miss A, Sunny Hill, U-KISS, Jang Jane, Girls' Day, Younha Lim Kim, BTS.